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...specialises in family mediation, helping separating and already separated couples discuss and reach decisions about issues such as child arrangements and the sharing of property and finances. Mediation is a highly effective alternative to going to court, even when communication has become strained or has completely broken down. We work with you at your pace to help you creatively identify, explore and reach workable solutions for your family's particular circumstances and areas of difficulty.

We also help engaged or recently married couples reach proposals for prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, and mediate with parties in dispute over care arrangements, inheritance, housing and workplace issues.

Separation or divorce can be a time of great uncertainty and anxiety for parents, children and the wider family alike. Going to court to sort out child arrangements or the division of assets can add to that stress, entrench positions, become expensive and consequently reduce the financial assets left for your family's future. Because a judge makes decisions on your behalf, there is also a risk that one or both of you will be unhappy with the outcome.

In contrast, mediation encourages collaboration rather than opposition, can usually take place almost immediately, is significantly less expensive than negotiating through solicitors or going to court, and most importantly keeps you both in control of making the joint decisions that will affect your whole family's future. 

If you have children, we will help you ensure that any decisions you make keep your children's best interests and wellbeing at heart.

At the end of the mediation process we will write up your 'without prejudice' agreement which you can use as it is (giving you the flexibility to adapt it as your circumstances evolve) or if you prefer, you can take it to your solicitor to have it converted into a legally binding document. 

If you are coming to us for workplace mediation, we recommend proactive intervention as early as possible to focus on repairing relationships, and restoring morale and productivity. Dealing with conflict through mediation can often remove the need to implement more formal grievance or disciplinary procedures.

Our aim is always to help parties in conflict communicate openly, constructively and calmly; empathise with each other's perspectives and emotions; and use joint problem-solving methods to reach solutions for the present and future that both consider fair and sustainable.

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